Friday, 14 July 2017

Granadilla Cake

My nephew is going to be forty soon. How can that be?

I remember him so clearly even before he could talk, pointing to the plum tree at the bottom of their garden, grabbing the finger of my right hand and urgently pulling me outside into the cold autumn air to go and pick up the wasp stung plums scattered in the grass under the tree.

Tonight I made him a Coconut Granadilla Cake - a contribution to the family celebrations for him this weekend. I grew up in Africa where we called them Granadillas but in this country they are called passion fruits.
My nephew is a wonderful cook himself.  He has come a long way since our plum foraging days.I just hope he likes the sweet perfume flavour of passion fruit. 

The recipe is an experiment  -  an adaption of the Lemon Scented Geranium Cake I made last week...with the addition of passion fruit - juice and seeds -  in the cake and also in the orange and lemon glaze on top.
I'll have to wait till Sunday for the verdict. 

 After a long and mind boggling  morning in the Apple Shop buying computers, my brother and I sat outside on the terrace in strong sunshine, eating our dessert ( his main course)

freshly picked soft fruit - a gift from our neighbours allotment ( the one next to the one Robin used to have) and a blanket of banana and vanilla ice cream. I know it looks a bit like mashed potato but it's just frozen bananas whizzed up in the food processor. It  has exactly the same texture as ice cream. You can add strawberries or cocoa powder or anything you fancy to ring the changes. And not a cow in sight.
Best to eat it before it melts.

Wonderful variety of grandillas in the market in Funchal in Madiera.

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