Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ivy Jungle and Cake Therapy

Gossiping sparrows  on the fence. The fence that used to be covered with a thicket of dead and dying ivy. Now cleared away by a gardening friend and my brother. So lovely to have all this help. This afternoon we took a carload of the ivy jungle to the composting re-cycling dump. It has been squatting in a huge building bag on the patio for a few weeks now, obscuring my view of the  begonias and geraniums in the garden, always reminding me it's a job still to do. And now it's done.

It was also a day to make cakes. The best thing to do after a day in bed,  still feeling the effects of a bug. A Coconut and Lime cake....my latest version  of a Lemon Drizzle Cake - dairy and gluten free.  I have eight cakes to make for the day after the wedding of my friends' daughter and this is one of them.

 Baking is my best therapy.

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