Friday, 11 August 2017

Chaos in my Kitchen

The first fresh sweetcorn has arrived - so early - in the organic farmers' market.
When I'm queuing with my overflowing basket I overhear a man say -
Ah mealies!
So I lean across the carrots and spinach and say,

Ah, you must have an Africa connection..

 We chat  a bit awkwardly, briefly, and it turns out he has worked extensively in Zambia and South Africa....I only say I was born in Zambia but I don't have a chance to wonder if  he might have known my father and when I finish paying he has disappeared.... and I wish I'd been bolder. I'm not very good at taking to people at bus stops ...or in queues....not like my father who would have invited the man to tea in the space of 3 minutes.

The messy chaos of my kitchen today...creating lunch for Robin's family tomorrow....and finger food for the picnic on Sunday. The carrot and sweetcorn and walnut burgers were a good idea but they didn't stick together very we may end up with a lot of tasty crumbly bits.

I always have all my recipe books and files out at the same time....getting ideas....trying to remember where it was I read that particular recipe...searching on line.. Sometimes - like today - I plan a whole menu and then get inspired by picture or a dish in a magazine  and change my mind at the last minute....which can be risky and time consuming and can lead to mistakes...I made a whole upside down peach and polenta cake this afternoon and as soon as I put it in the oven I saw the measured jug of olive oil sitting on the counter which I'd neglected to add. Well, I'll find out tomorrow if it's a disaster or not.  There is always ice-cream in the freezer.

I haven't forgotten this weekend isn't about the food. It's is all about remembering Robin.....I just can't   quite imagine how to do it without him... 

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